Accorp Inc. provides consultation services for business owners in the feasibility and practicality stage of business transition decision-making.

Many business owners, upon the thought of exiting their companies, are unsure of the value, the marketability, the potential outcome of an offering of their company for sale, and the net proceeds that they might expect upon a successful sale to a new owner.

Some owners may wish to sell in order to enter into a new enterprise. The important considerations would then include the likelihood of a successful sale, the total cost of the new acquisition or startup, the length of time to achieve profitability, the funding of living expense required for the transition period prior to profitability, and the alternative or backup plan should unsuspected difficulties occur that is a fallback position of security.

Some company owners are planning to retire, in which case sustainability of lifestyle would be the primary consideration. Financial reserves for contingencies and/or desirable inheritance for family members may be important to some sellers.

Above all, getting the company ready to sell is one of the most important steps in a sale process and should be done prior to an offering for sale. Through the consultation process, we can help you in determining factors that are crucial for your company in attracting your best buyer and attaining the full value for you biggest asset. Once the most crucial factors and any shortcomings are identified, steps can be taken to improve them and prepare the company for sale.

An important factor to bear in mind is that you only get one chance to make a first impression. If the first impression is favorable, it improves the chances of a potential buyer moving forward. If it is unfavorable, they will usual walk away. Getting your company ready to sell is crucial to the sale process.

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