Accorp Inc. sells businesses of all types, small and mid-sized. We represent the business owner throughout to entire sales process, from the initial decision-making, through the closing of the transaction and integration with the new owner.

All business owners are faced at some point with the decision of how best to exchange the value they have created over many years for cash, future income for retirement or estate assets for others. These are some of the most important financial decisions that business owners ever encounter.

We assist initially by providing an evaluation of the business and offering our opinion of an offering price based upon a realistic consideration of historical, current, and projected income of the company, as well as other considerations which can be value drivers, such as: location, licensing, barriers of entry, customer base, skilled employees, restricted competition, and others.

Included in such initial exercise is a consideration of the total financial commitment required from a potential buyer in acquiring the company, working capital requirements, and other factors involved in transition to a new ownership.

We assemble the pertinent information about the business to provide an understanding of the business for potential buyers.

We prepare offering, advertising, and promotional materials to attract parties with interest in acquiring the business and to emphasize the features of the business.

We interact with interested parties in determining the level of interest, the ability to acquire the company, and the ability to manage the company after acquisition.

We negotiate the terms of the acquisition/sale and prepare the necessary documents required for a legal transfer of the company, along with assistance and input from the owner’s accounting and legal advisors.

We administer the escrow process and assure required reporting as specified by the state and local laws, rules and regulations.

We administer integration planning for the transition to the new owner, including integration with employees, customers, and vendors.

We are located by Los Angeles Airport (LAX) at:
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